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Kirsh, we have had a good home for over 20 years. At that time, it turned out that adoption law is one of the few legal areas that everyone can win. A born mother is a hero of those who want to be adoptive parents and is proud of having the opportunity to connect her with her family.

Professional Groups
United States Academy of Adoptions
1993 - Current (Accountant)
Classes and seminars
Parental Rights End, Indiana Continued Education Foundation, October 1, 2004
Options and tested issues, Indiana Continued Education Foundation, January 30, 2003
Employment Law Overview and Renewal, Indiana Justice Council, 2003
Employment Law, Indiana Continued Education Foundation, June 22, 1999
Employment Procedure, Indiana Continued Education Foundation, April 23, 1997
Disraced Adoptions, Indiana Continuing Education Foundation, January 11, 1996
Adoption Issues, Indiana Jusiation Conference, 19994
; Education
Indiana University Faculty of Law, Indianapolis, Indiana
Honors: cum laut
Legal review: Indiana Department of Law - Legal review
Dartmouth University Hanover, NH, 1976
Honor: magna cum laude
Onors: High

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I am the mother of the first reviewer.  I had my child stolen by adoption. Two days after being coerced by my parents, the court (and Kirsch and Kirsch) asked me for my last consent. "No," she cried. Steve Kersh said quickly, asking for the baby to come back, why should he take the baby, and being passionate about his mother.  He consulted with his foster parents and they had known and had not known my baby for two days, but took her away. I have been in nine months. I don't know how Steve Kirsch and his foster parents would let me and my children, and how he and he were criminals, and sleep at night. Social worker Kirsch advised me not to look into adoption on line at all. The reason I gave up my child was because it was propaganda, or truth. I was very sorry to hear their story. I lied that Kirsch was doing the right thing for the baby so that he could make a lot of money for her adoption. The adoptive parents gave birth to my beautiful baby, Kirsch got a fat salary, I sobbed in the bathroom floor, and they began to think about suicide because the pain they gave me was unbearable. I'm counseling people who leave me as another "bad mother", but there's nothing that Kirsch and his clients have done to me and my children.  One day an adoptive parent must give an answer to a child about moral abduction.  
Secondary Note: After 5 years of age, we encourage our customers (foster parents) to "Children's mothers and fathers think that they should go ahead and stop sending updates (photos and letters)." As if parents should move out of their children, or they should move out.

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