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Founder partners Kena Hollingsworth and Christina Jibits met in their college years at Southern University in Indiana. Right after my graduate degree, I went with Indiana University's law school in Indiana. Kenna and Christina worked together in a law firm in the Graduate School of Law, and when they graduated in 2001, they started a legal career at the Family Law Office in Indianapolis. In June 2004, after years of valuable experience as a person involved in family law, Kenna and Christina left the company on their own and Hollingsworth Jocham & amp; In the last few years, Hollingsworth&Zivitz Attorneys at Law, the family law office for all women, originally called "three blonde girls", has made many positive changes.

Established in 2004


Hollingsworth Roberts Means, LLC's team is working to create more stressful experiences in divorce and other legal issues. They have generally experienced negotiations and lawsuits on various issues over decades. The company focuses on caring and caring ways to treat customers. We know that several of the company's lawyers have been selected to be included in the Super Lawyers® list. Call your Indianapolis divorce lawyer today (317) at 569-2200 to evaluate your case.

Kena Hollingsworth is Hollingsworth & You are the Founding Partner of. The PC's Jiwitz works only in the area of family law and family law arbitration.  Kena represents clients with all types of family law problems, including: divorce &;legal separation parental rights Child Care (visit);Child Support Father adoptions (including competing adoption) Post Pre-Marriage Contract Order Change & Implementation (including neglect) Guardianship, Release, National Partnership Agreement & Dispute; Conflict; Spouse Support (Compensation) Relocation; The Protection Order Ban Orders Grandparents' Rights Education Order Military Divorce CHINS (children who need service) and the Family Law appeal  Kena are also intermediaries for registered Family Law.

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Robert Sheave is amazing! Awesome, Genius, Brilliant Attorney!
DCS tried to classify my children into CHINS. CINS is a child who needs their own services. The two had been injured in the protection of my children for over four months, and three bloody brothers grew up, so there were two grandparents!
I am very grateful to have found this wonderful, smart man and helped me through this path. He got my son out of there as soon as possible and also faced the incompetence and lies of DCS. He is the best lawyer.
I was very hard to handle.  I never left my child, I kept crying all the time, I felt uneasy about the separation, and I was scared to death what might be happening to him.  Mr. Sheave was still very patient, understood and kind to me.  He answered all the emails and let me know.  If I couldn't understand, he helped me.

For your children, public advocates should never be trusted. I haven't knocked them either. They're just a quagmire...If the DCS is taking your child, you should immediately call a lawyer. And if Mr. Sheave was there, it would be desirable to have him. He actively guarantees that they will not walk around you! You don't have to make loans or sell your stuff. Money is everywhere, but children are irreplaceable!
DCS is a malicious entity that targets single mothers with poverty levels. You can keep your children as much as you can, lie, waste a date in the court for a long time, and you lose your money in the "courses" and "classes" and take them back, or you can now return your children.  Don't believe me!  After 15 months of taking care of the child, he is adopted and lost forever! That's so serious! CPS. You will also visit the following web sites:

Robert Shive is strongly recommended! I appreciate what he is doing for me.
I hope in this review that someone in my place will take you to this wonderful lawyer who will do his best to get your child back. If you believe him and be honest, everything will work.

The only bad news for me is that if I don't hire a lawyer, the DCS is very unlikely to return the child.

12/27/2020 09:08pm



We do not recommend using this company for joint divorce. Significant issues with well-informed outlets for billing and professionalism. If you need to review the issues with your previous wife and future, ask for an alternate representative. I was very disappointed. The lawyer I was using was Andrew Barttert, who was inexperienced and useless. They are seriously considering filing complaints with the Commission about their claims and misrepresentation. My ex-spouse and I, looking back, had better divorce DIY. Ask for a divorce procedure using another legal service.

12/26/2020 10:34pm