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The practice of the law focuses on the work of immigration law and is useful for obtaining visas, permanent residency, naturalization and citizenship. Other practice areas: Business Act, Real Estate Plan, Will, Probationary Business

Established in 2002


The Immigration Bureau, located in the north of Indianapolis, focuses on business law and immigration, in particular on visas, permanent residence and naturalization, and provides opportunistic responses based on the sponsors of family, business and employment. Immigration lawyers answer questions directly. They also prepare and examine business contracts and will.

I help my clients protect their legal status, so they are don' You do not need to decode the entire process.

I'll help you in the following cases:

2.You' You are seeking legal permanent residence in the United States|br>3.You'The a 's You have a company

Here amp;#39; As to the background of my law...

I was an immigrant and became an Indiana lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2002.   In my practice, I focus on immigration and naturalization laws.

I graduated from Arkansas University, William Bowen, Little Rock, Arkansas, Faculty of Law, and received a JD in 2000.   I was the first civil lawyer to receive a master's degree in law at the Madras High Court in Chennai, India. Bachelor of Law; #34;(LL.B.) Dr. Harishingur-Vizwidiraya, Madhya Pradesh, India (University of Saudi Arabia).
I'm passionate about protecting customers.

Lalita H.
business owner





Rarita Haran was very easy to talk about in detail when asked about a spouse's GC submission. She explained and disassembled our complex process, so that we could get around a lot of the stress we had around us and travel much easier than we could if we chose to do this alone. She could easily get it, and it was great!

12/28/2020 08:17pm